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As many of you already know I grew up in a middle class family and didn’t have many luxuries. But through trading I was able to change my circumstances –not just for me — but for my parents as well. I now want to help you and thousands of other people from all around the world achieve similar results!

Which is why I’ve launched my millionaire challenge. I’m extremely determined to create a millionaire trader out of one my students and hopefully it will be you.

PS: Don’t forget to check out my free Penny Stock Guide. it will teach you everything you need to know about trading. )

Would like to buy Pennystocking Part Duex I m a total noob and would love learn how to get started.

which one should i buy first time trade.

Cool, start with my DVD, it s 35-hours long and very comprehensive

I have read pennystocking 101 abd have been following you on twitter, I have StocksToTrade which is totally awesome. I have been paper trading and winning mostly. I cant afford, I really dont have the money for the challenge, I am disabled and cannot work, I want to learn as much as I can, so I need to know what would help the most. What do I read or buy to make my trading a reality. I work hard at this because i have no other option. Please Help

I m an Aries like you! I have many ideas of making money but thave been shot down everytime.
I ve always wanted to work from home, it s my dream and be able to eventually have the money to take care of my mom and sisters as well as the freedom to start doing more volunteer work, which I love!
What is the minimum amount of money I can start off with? I don t make much. I make 55k/yr.
Is there a direct contact info for you once I order the proper video for me and get started and have questions.
I m sure I will need you to hold my hand.
If I can make some real money, I maybe able to finish my 2 inventions.

Hi Tim I live in Sydney, Australia and probably cannot day trade the whole day because I have a full time job and because of the time difference. During Australian summer (October till March) I can day trade the last 2 hours of the U.S. afternoon session (6:00 8:00 am Sydney time) and during Australian winter from (March till October) I can day trade the first 2 hours of the U.S. open (11:30pm 1:30am Sydney time).
Would trading your techniques still work trading these hours or if I just traded end of day?

I m an Italian guy, unfortunately I do not understand English, how can I do. In Italian language there is nothing. Thank you

I am new to trading, and I would like to know which DVD s do you suggest that I buy first. Help.

Your story is very inspiring; I can t wait to get started. I ve also learned a lot from penny stocking 101 and others. My question is, does PennyStocking Silver have the same information on it, that you would find in your DVDs? Or would it be better to just buy your DVDs?

I would love to become one of your students and become a millionaire at 20 because I just entered my teens. Also I would love to be able to own my dream car a Ferrari 488 spider.

Ok, I just sent you a question about which one should we buy first. Hint, please inform this somewhere in your blogs, since you have a variaty of DVD s. There are too many little things to do, and also you have the Free Penny Stock Guide which is super good, it is the basics, but need to let us know what is the first step after those.
I love you men! You are awesome. Thanks for existing…

Cool, study hard

Everyone has questions, Q A is for students only

Tim, you said you have many successful Australian Students. Can you name one of those student who s on that I can get in contact with to find out how they apply you re strategy from Australia. Thanks Max.

Hey Tim i am a university student from Calgary. I am planning on trying your challenge out. Any way someone can get back to me via email or phone on how to get started?

Ok, I m going to by your How to make millions DVD, and suggest it to others, however, before I do is this DVD for complete newbies to trading stocks? I mean complete newbs. Do you go over the applications (iPhone and Desktop) and broker that you still use today? If so, I m sure a lot more sales will come your way for that DVD. Thank you

Yup my HTMM Dvd is comprehensive!

I am a beginner and no nothing about stocks. Where should I start?

Thank you Tim for being such a wonderful person,giving to us such substantial educational material, I have been studying and just signed in, have yet to open a trading account, I feel a sense of success being here to work with you. I just turned 55 and am investing $1000, I want to grow this to 25k to open the real account, I need more personal help to get this goal very soon, do you suggest or have anybody within Mansfield or Arlington Texas I can work with for one on one mentorship, for a beginning Tim? please answer,

Good day Tim. I recently applied to become one of your millionaire students and have already completed the homework assignments (couldn t wait on the emails lol). Do you recommend starting with the how to make millions dvd before signing up for pennystocking silver?

Tim I really want to get into penny stocks but I don t no much about the market and what I need to do to get started what DVD should I buy to get me started in penny stocks?

I m a big believer in all that you do. There seems to be so much material/DVDs/webinars all over the place, how do I know where to start? What products should I buy (and how do I know that I ve bought all the stuff I can?). I have the time to get through everything, I just need a gameplan to get going!

Thank you,

Why is Dating Korean Girls So Hard? #interracial #dating

#korean dating


“Why is Dating Korean Girls So Difficult?”

Want to start dating Korean girls? Chances are you’ve hit a wall and are not sure what the heck is going on.

That’s alright. There are things that most expats don’t know at first. Once you’re aware of what’s going on behind the scenes you’ll have more peace of mind.

Know that it took me more than 5 years to figure out Korea’s women (and I still have loads to learn!) In any case benefit from what I’ve discovered and make your dating life with women from the Land of the Morning Calm easier.

Korea’s Women Aren’t Supposed To Talk To Strangers.

Did you have a hard time talking to that woman from Korea?

If dating a woman from Korea wasn’t hard enough – getting a conversation going is tough too!

Unlike most Western cultures – in Korea’s culture it’s borderline weird to talk to strangers (or “mollen saram” as you would say in Korea.)

To talk to strangers means that you have no friends or family.

So if you strike a conversation with her (even to ask for directions) she might walk away. Why?

Because she’s not supposed to talk to you AND she might have to speak English…this makes her even more uncomfortable.

But let’s say you do get to talk to girls from Korea and set up dates. They’re not showing up (even though they were so excited to meet you an hour before the date.)

“Why Didn’t She Show up For The Date?”

So you’ve watched a few K-pop videos of fashionable ladies from Korea. Your Asian friends have told you how “easy” dating those girls is. You’ve believed the surface advertising.

In reality most women from there are conservative. They have social and family obligations that hold them back from going on that date with you (even if they’d love to).

The typical woman must

• marry a local man (of higher status hopefully) before 30
• make children with this guy
• take care of the children as that’s her only real purpose

Now this is an oversimplified version of her expectations but they’re it.

From their society’s perspective – if she deviates from this then indirectly she becomes an “outcast”. Even if she doesn’t the fear of becoming one will hold her back from dating you.

So if she’s not showing up at the dates it’s because her friends and family have reminded her of her “duties” – making dating Korean girls difficult.

Notice my contemptuous tone – I’ve lost Seoul girlfriends simply because I wasn’t “local” enough and yes…it has made me somewhat bitter (unfortunately.) But I’m getting better. 😉

But let’s say you and her are going on a date in Korea. What might make her feel uncomfortable? The stares from local guys.

Local Guys Don’t Want You Dating Korean Girls

If Korea’s culture and society didn’t make it tough enough – Local guys (in general) don’t want it to happen either. They’ll shame her into not dating you.

Note that the prettier she is – the more guys will shame her. Heck one friend of mine told me that guys would straight up walk to her and tell her how ashamed she should be! He was dating a flight attendant and this happened in the Seoul subway.

They’re afraid that you’ll “take their women” (as if women belong to someone.) In reality they’re jealous and insecure. Yes – I’ll say it again: jealous and insecure.

They’re jealous because their society holds them back from dating Korean girls the way they genuinely want.

Expats on the other hand don’t have to deal with their society as much. Local guys (like local women) have obligations too and envy expats because they don’t.

They’re insecure because expats are a variable they can’t control. Not only that but in the hierarchy of things they subconsciously see ‘Western men’ as being slotted above them. Personally I think this is stupid but I didn’t make up the society or their points of view.

Note: Korean guys reading this – don’t confuse the message with the messenger. I’m just calling it as it is.

I also know that you think that most Western men look down on you (and all this adds to the resentment.) Then again I’m open to debate as to what you think is going on.

All in all – these 3 things make dating women from Korea difficult.

“Gee…Should I Even Bother Trying To Date Her if She’s From Korea?”

Definitely. Discover how to meet hot Korean women and make it happen. Koreans as individuals are great to be around. I love meeting them on a personal level.

That being said you’ll have a hard time without it being your fault because of their strict society. Accept the reality and work with it.

In fact you might be pleasantly surprised to discover that Korea is changing to becoming more open-minded.

In any case – Korean women are gorgeous and going through the process to date one is worth it.

For tips and advice on how to make that happen put your name and email in the boxes below. Get my most exclusive information sent straight to your inbox. I’m talking about the kind of stuff I wish I had known before I went out to date local girls.

Alcohol center #alcohol, #drinking, #booze, #keg, #beer, #liquor, #drugs, #alcoholic, #drinking #problem, #pressure #to #drink, #peer #pressure, #drunk, #intoxication, #intoxicated, #alcohol #poisoning, #legal #drinking #age, #alcoholics #anonymous, #support #groups, #hotlines, #hangover, #my #parents #don’t #want #me #to #drink, #why #teens #drink, #no #inhibitions, #blackouts, #i #can’t #control #my #drinking



Getting the Facts

Just about everyone knows that the legal drinking age throughout the United States is 21. But according to the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse, almost 80% of high school students have tried alcohol.

Deciding whether to drink is a personal decision that we each eventually have to make. This article provides some information on alcohol, including how it affects your body, so you can make an educated choice.

What Is Alcohol?

Alcohol is created when grains, fruits, or vegetables are fermented. Fermentation is a process that uses yeast or bacteria to change the sugars in the food into alcohol. Fermentation is used to produce many necessary items everything from cheese to medications. Alcohol has different forms and can be used as a cleaner, an antiseptic, or a sedative.

So if alcohol is a natural product, why do teens need to be concerned about drinking it? When people drink alcohol, it’s absorbed into their bloodstream. From there, it affects the central nervous system (the brain and spinal cord), which controls virtually all body functions. Because experts now know that the human brain is still developing during our teens, scientists are researching the effects drinking alcohol can have on the teen brain.

How Does It Affect the Body?

Alcohol is a depressant. which means it slows the function of the central nervous system. Alcohol actually blocks some of the messages trying to get to the brain. This alters a person’s perceptions, emotions, movement, vision, and hearing.

In very small amounts, alcohol can help a person feel more relaxed or less anxious. More alcohol causes greater changes in the brain, resulting in intoxication. People who have overused alcohol may stagger, lose their coordination, and slur their speech. They will probably be confused and disoriented. Depending on the person, intoxication can make someone very friendly and talkative or very aggressive and angry. Reaction times are slowed dramatically which is why people are told not to drink and drive. People who are intoxicated may think they’re moving properly when they’re not. They may act totally out of character.

When large amounts of alcohol are consumed in a short period of time, alcohol poisoning can result. Alcohol poisoning is exactly what it sounds like the body has become poisoned by large amounts of alcohol. Violent vomiting is usually the first symptom of alcohol poisoning. Extreme sleepiness, unconsciousness, difficulty breathing, dangerously low blood sugar, seizures, and even death may result.

Why Do Teens Drink?

Experimentation with alcohol during the teen years is common. Some reasons that teens use alcohol and other drugs are:

  • curiosity
  • to feel good, reduce stress, and relax
  • to fit in
  • to feel older

From a very young age, kids see advertising messages showing beautiful people enjoying life and alcohol. And because many parents and other adults use alcohol socially having beer or wine with dinner, for example alcohol seems harmless to many teens.

Why Shouldn’t I Drink?

Although it’s illegal to buy alcohol in the United States until the age of 21, most teens can get access to it. It’s therefore up to you to make a decision about drinking. In addition to the possibility of becoming addicted, there are some downsides to drinking:

The punishment is severe. Teens who drink put themselves at risk for obvious problems with the law (it’s illegal; you can get arrested). Teens who drink are also more likely to get into fights and commit crimes than those who don’t.

People who drink regularly also often have problems with school. Drinking can damage a student’s ability to study well and get decent grades, as well as affect sports performance (the coordination thing).

You can look really stupid. The impression is that drinking is cool, but the nervous system changes that come from drinking alcohol can make people do stupid or embarrassing things, like throwing up or peeing on themselves. Drinking also gives people bad breath, and no one enjoys a hangover.

Alcohol puts your health at risk. Teens who drink are more likely to be sexually active and to have unsafe, unprotected sex. Resulting pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases can change or even end lives. The risk of injuring yourself, maybe even fatally, is higher when you’re under the influence, too. One half of all drowning deaths among teen guys are related to alcohol use. Use of alcohol greatly increases the chance that a teen will be involved in a car crash, homicide, or suicide.

Teen drinkers are more likely to get fat or have health problems, too. One study by the University of Washington found that people who regularly had five or more drinks in a row starting at age 13 were much more likely to be overweight or have high blood pressure by age 24 than their nondrinking peers. People who continue drinking heavily well into adulthood risk damaging their organs, such as the liver, heart, and brain.

How Can I Avoid Drinking?

If all your friends drink and you don’t want to, it can be hard to say “no, thanks.” No one wants to risk feeling rejected or left out. Different strategies for turning down alcohol work for different people. Some people find it helps to say no without giving an explanation, others think offering their reasons works better (“I’m not into drinking,” “I have a game tomorrow,” or “my uncle died from drinking,” for example).

If saying no to alcohol makes you feel uncomfortable in front of people you know, blame your parents or another adult for your refusal. Saying, “My parents are coming to pick me up soon,” “I already got in major trouble for drinking once, I can’t do it again,” or “my coach would kill me,” can make saying no a bit easier for some.

If you’re going to a party and you know there will be alcohol, plan your strategy in advance. You and a friend can develop a signal for when it’s time to leave, for example. You can also make sure that you have plans to do something besides just hanging out in someone’s basement drinking beer all night. Plan a trip to the movies, the mall, a concert, or a sports event. You might also organize your friends into a volleyball, bowling, or softball team any activity that gets you moving.

Girls or guys who have strong self-esteem are less likely to become problem drinkers than people with low self-esteem.

Where Can I Get Help?

If you think you have a drinking problem, get help as soon as possible. The best approach is to talk to an adult you trust. If you can’t approach your parents, talk to your doctor, school counselor, clergy member, aunt, or uncle. It can be hard for some people to talk to adults about these issues, but a supportive person in a position to help can refer students to a drug and alcohol counselor for evaluation and treatment.

In some states, this treatment is completely confidential. After assessing a teen’s problem, a counselor may recommend a brief stay in rehab or outpatient treatment. These treatment centers help a person gradually overcome the physical and psychological dependence on alcohol.

What If I’m Concerned About Someone Else’s Drinking?

Sometimes people live in homes where a parent or other family member drinks too much. This may make you angry, scared, and depressed. Many people can’t control their drinking without help. This doesn’t mean that they love or care about you any less. Alcoholism is an illness that needs to be treated just like other illnesses.

People with drinking problems can’t stop drinking until they are ready to admit they have a problem and get help. This can leave family members and loved ones feeling helpless. The good news is there are many places to turn for help: a supportive adult, such as your guidance counselor, or a relative or older sibling will understand what you’re going through. Also, professional organizations like Alateen can help.

If you have a friend whose drinking concerns you, make sure he or she stays safe. Don’t let your friend drink and drive, for example. If you can, try to keep friends who have been drinking from doing anything dangerous, such as trying to walk home at night alone or starting a fight. And protect yourself, too. Don’t get in a car with someone who’s been drinking, even if that person is your ride home. Ask a sober adult to drive you instead or call a cab.

Everyone makes decisions about whether to drink and how much even adults. It’s possible to enjoy a party or other event just as much, if not more so, when you don’t drink. And with your central nervous system working as it’s supposed to, you’ll remember more about the great time you had!

Date reviewed: September 2016

5 Reasons Why Men Love Dating Women Over 50 #singles #online #dating #sites

#dating over 50


5 Reasons Why Men Love Dating Women Over 50

Like Goes With Like

You think it’s easier or more fun to date younger women? Ken Solin, 69, an AARP dating expert whose columns also appear regularly in other Boomer-related sites and on Huffington Post, would disagree with you.

For 25 years, off and on, he lived in the “dating pool,” where he spent a lot of time typecasting his dates, some much younger than himself. “I hated it. We didn’t have the same frame of reference,” he says, revealing he’s now in a relationship with someone he calls his “best friend.”

Younger Women Are on a Different Page

Dan Collins, 51, a writer from Baltimore, MD, agrees. Younger women don’t get your jokes. They want to stay out all night. They don’t quite have the relationship skills necessary to sustain a meaningful relationship.

Solin says Boomer woman are stronger, have staying power, and his favorite line: “They don’t cut and run” at the first sign of trouble.

So how do Boomer women reach the “better pick” category of dating options? What makes them so great? From conversations with those who’ve been there and done that, there are at least five reasons

Reason #1: They know themselves

Collins, whose closest friends are Boomer women, says he finds them more centered than younger women. They’re not just looking for a man to fill a void.

“[Boomer women] have learned what they like and don’t like, so there’s not a lot of ‘guesswork’ with them,” he says. They are not trying to fill a laundry list of requirements, he adds, because, “As we age, if we aren’t completely stupid, we begin to realize who we really are and what we really need in our lives.”

Reason #2: They are confident

Beth Portolese, 56, a New Yorker who works in human resources and started a lifestyle website for women and men who are 50 and older— —says Boomer women have the confidence to forgive and understand, something that younger women often do not have.

For one thing, “Sex is less important,” she says. So if your man needs to take a pill for that, it’s not an issue with us; it’s reality. Likewise, she says, “If men have issues with their own sexuality, if they need medication to do the job, women get it.”

They don’t take things personally.

Reason #3: They relate to you

Women who are 50 years or more relate to similar things as you and have similar historical references, says Collins, such as “the world before the Internet, fax machines, and rewinding VHS tapes.”

Because of their shared experiences, Boomer women also have fewer expectations than younger women you may want to date. “We don’t necessarily want to get married,” says Portolese, “Like our male counterparts, we’ve been married before…We want companionship, instead.”

Reason #4: They appreciate your company

Collins, who admits he’s not the handsome rebel type, a type he says younger woman go for, likes it that women closer to his age are okay with that. They appreciate him for “the essence of the person inside…Are they caring, do they listen, are they accessible, kind, decent?”

It’s the older woman who appreciate the “Ward Cleavers like him,” he says, the guys who are dependable, good listeners and don’t go out drinking at all hours.

Reason #5: They employ wisdom

Women over 50 know “real relationships are difficult,” says Solin, and they will openly disagree with you, or vice versa, without running away. They know “real relationship skills take time to develop…and they are patient.” Interested in their own personal growth, they don’t feel the need to save or teach the men they date, he says, “They’ll wait to find the guy who has worked on himself.”

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    Fascinating article! As some of the replies below are showing, however, I think, it tends to over-generalize. But I think it hits a very good point – Age is “not just a number” for everybody when it comes to relationships.

    I found myself especially interested in #3. While I guess it’s always good for couples to have some experience in common, in a lot of ways, we Boomers truly came of age in a very different world than many young people, I believe. Not only is that due, in my opinion, to the extensive changes in technology, as the article suggests, but also to changes in society, as a whole (even though we helped to bring about many of those changes, ourselves).

    Meanwhile, I notice that some of you have your full name and/or email address in your username. For greater privacy, you may want to change that. If so, just click on your username (above, right) and change your username where shown. (You will have to log out and then log back in again for the change to take full effect.)

    rosered135 on 2014-03-29 05:02:21

    Unfortunately, reason #2 is one that Boomer men claim to want, but don’t in reality. They like the idea pc-ness of it, but aren’t comfortable with it over the long run.

    Hi, I am a 61 year young African American woman and what I notice most often about this site is that you very seldom have African American pictures or comments is there a reason for that?

    GrandmaNetta on 2014-03-27 15:34:52

    I just recently stepped away from a situation because it was clear that the man was so emotionally closed that the chances of an open and caring relationship happening were slim to none. Women still want to be courted and pursued, we want to feel valued and welcomed into a man’s life.

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    Health. Family. You.

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    The Repipe Specialist Joe Ludlow, is not only the founder of Integrity Repipe Inc. He is also the pioneer who started the entire PEX repipe industry in the USA and continues to offer the best quality and service in copper PEX repiping. Don’t be fooled by imitators, he is the original Mission Viejo Repipe Specialist! Our crews are Certified, Highly Trained and Experienced. We offer a Lifetime Warranty on ALL PEX- A Water Pipes and all Labor Workmanship

    What Is Repiping And What Does It Involve?

    • Repiping is the full abatement of the Hot Cold pressurized water lines in your home.
    • Replace the system with new lines.
    • Install new 1/4 turn Emergency Shut Off Valves.
    • Repair drywall and stucco patches. Texture the patches.
    • We have a Lifetime Warranty on ALL PEX- A Water Pipes and all Labor Workmanship.

    Repiping a 2 bathroom home on average will take:

    • 1 Day – Repipe The Home
    • 1 Day A Half – All Drywall Patches, Stucco Patches, and Texture

    What Does a PEX Repipe Cost?

    The price for a repipe using PEX will vary depending on the size and type of home, but the average for a 2 bathroom home is $4000- $5000. That is including the repipe to the drywall and texture repair. With NO Hidden Fees or Taxes!

    What Does a Copper Repipe Cost?

    The price for repipe using COPPER will vary depending on the size and type of home, but the average for a 2 bathroom home is $5500- $7000.

    Benefits Of PEX Repipe?

    Most people that choose to repipe their home is caused having active leaks in their copper, CPVC, or galvanized plumbing systems that could or have caused extensive damage to their homes or possibly their neighbors have had water damage from their copper, CPVC, or galvanized plumbing system and they repipe their home to prevent a similar issue from happing to them. If you have a small leak in your copper, CPVC, or galvanized plumbing system you have two options repair or repipe your home? Yes, you can repair the leak to avoid the cost of a full repipe of your home, but it is more likely that you have to keep paying for more and more repairs in that copper, CPVC, or galvanized plumbing system. It is a better option to PEX repipe your entire home to avoid the repeated cost of repair after repair.

    Correctly done PEX repipe will eliminate low water pressure, brown or rusty water and provide better tasting water!

    Why Am I Having Leaks?

    Leaks are caused by old worn out materials, low grade or recycled materials or poorly installed systems. Even the newly constructed homes can leak due to the new copper lines are made with recycled materials from China.

    • Copper Pipe- Chinese-made imported copper pipes were widely used during the housing market boom.
    • Galvanized Steel Pipe- Galvanized pipe was used heavily prior to 1960. Galvanized Steel Pipe reacts with the minerals in water causing Calcium Deposits that clog pipes, rusty water and cracks in the pipes.
    • Polybutylene Pipe- Polybutylene pipes will leak without warning and can be caused by many factors.

    One Call Fix All.

    Over a Quarter Million customers surveyed voted us #1 Over 32 Thousand completed PEX repipes Over 23 Years experience

    Why Choose Integrity Repipe?

    Integrity Repipe has over 26 years of experience in Repiping, Rerouteing, and Slab Leaks and is rated #1 in the country.

    Integrity Repipe has been delivering results since we opened in 1990. Our goal is to provide both a superior customer experience and tremendous value for our customers.

    Integrity Repipe’s highly trained technicians use non-invasive leak detection equipment (ultrasonic electronic meters, thermal imaging, infrared thermometer and acoustic sensors) to accurately locate the leak to save time, money and avoid unnecessary property damage. Call us for all your copper PEX repipe!

    • Guaranteed repairs: Integrity Repipe repairs are backed by a Lifetime Warranty.
    • Fully licensed and insured: Integrity Repipe is fully licensed and insured for your assurance of quality workmanship.
    • Respect for your home: Your home is important to you. You want technicians that respect it and understands that you value cleanliness and tidiness.
    • Respect for your time: You have a busy schedule, so choose a team that respects your time. You make an appointment, and we will stick to it.
    • FREE estimates: Call to ask us more about FREE estimates 877-473-7473
    • Rapid response, 24 hours, 7 days: When you need Repiping, Rerouting or Slab Leak Repairs, you can rely on Integrity Repipe to be there fast, 24 hours a day
    • Flat rate price, up-front: When you choose Integrity Repipe you know the price up-front, its peace of mind for you.

    Lic. # C-36-993925 Fully Bonded And Insured, We Do Not Use Subcontractors

    Call us Toll Free 877-473-7473 we re here to help!

    Virtual Pediatric Hospital: CQQA: Why Should You Become A Pediatrician? #why #should #you #become #a #pediatrician?, #pediatrician, #doctor, #job, #career


    Why Should You Become A Pediatrician?

    Donna D’Alessandro, M.D.
    Peer Review Status: Internally Reviewed
    Creation Date: February 2003
    Last Revision Date: February 2003

    What is a pediatrician?

    • A pediatrician is a doctor who takes care of children from birth to age 21.

    Why should you become a pediatrician?
    Choosing a career is a personal decision. Most pediatricians will say they love children and want to help children, adolescents, young adults and their families.

    Pediatricians usually like to:

    • Work with children, families, medical experts and community members
    • Teach
    • Treat diseases
    • Learn about science
    • Work to improve their community
    • Help future generations
    • Pediatricians have careers that are flexible, varied and rewarding.

    How much schooling do pediatricians have to have?
    A general pediatrician must finish high school and then does:

    • 4 years of college
    • 4 years of medical school (being a medical student)
    • 3 years of general pediatric training in a hospitals and other places (being an intern and resident)

    A specialty pediatrician must finish high school and then does:

    • 4 years of college
    • 4 years of medical school
    • 3 years of general pediatric training in a hospitals
    • 1 3 years (usually) of special pediatric training (called a subspecialty)
    • There are currently 12 different subspecialties. There are other special training programs for pediatricians, too.

    Where do pediatricians work?

    • Pediatricians work in many places:

      • Private practice offices
      • Hospitals
      • Health maintenance organizations
      • Community health centers
      • Public health clinics
      • Schools
      • Military and government
    • Pediatricians do research to learn more about treating diseases and improving our communities.
    • Pediatricians work with public policy makers to advocate for children and their families.
    • They teach children and their families.
    • They also teach medical students and residents.

    How many hours a week do you work?

    • Each pediatrician is different.
    • On average, pediatricians work about 50 hours per week.
    • But they also spend another 4 hours per week helping the community through education, schools and government, professional group activities or providing free medical care to the needy.

    What tests do you have to take?

    • Pediatricians are licensed by the states they practice in. Each state has different rules.
    • Most states make pediatricians pass 3 national tests for all doctors in the United States (called the United States Medical Licensing Examinations).
    • Most hospitals also make them pass the American Board of Pediatrics Certifying Examination at the end of their 3 years of general pediatric training. This is called “passing the boards.” A pediatrician who has passed is called “board-certified.” To be board-certified, a pediatrician must re-take the test every 7 years.

    How are pediatricians different from family medicine doctors?

    • Both provide care focused on the family and community.
    • Pediatricians care for children from birth to age 21.
    • Family medicine doctors care for people from birth to the elderly, including children.
    • Family medicine doctors have their own training requirements. Because they take care of more ages of people, their training for children is much less than a pediatrician.

    How much money does a pediatrician make?

    • Each pediatrician is different. Each works in different places and has different types of jobs.
    • In the past, pediatricians have been paid less than other doctors have. But as doctors, pediatricians are paid more than many other workers in the United States.
    • Pediatricians like what they do. In surveys, they are very happy with the work they do.

    Are pediatricians advocates?

    • Pediatricians are people who care for children and families, including the problems they face in society.
    • Pediatricians work with others in their communities to better the welfare of children.
    • Some examples of pediatricians being advocates are:

      • Giving needed clothing and food to children in their offices
      • Building safe playgrounds with schools
      • Starting reading programs with libraries
      • Teaching children and families to use seat belts and bike helmets
      • Teaching lawmakers to write or change laws that improve children’s health:
      • Banning lead-based paint in homes
      • Requiring smoke detectors in apartment buildings

    • A pediatrician is a doctor who takes care of children from birth to age 21.
    • Most pediatricians will say they love children and want to help children, adolescents, young adults and their families.
    • Pediatricians have careers that are flexible, varied and rewarding.
    • Pediatricians must have at least 11 years of training after high school.
    • Pediatricians work in private practice offices, hospital, public health clinics, schools and many other places.
    • Pediatricians work about 50 hours per week.
    • Pediatricians are licensed by the states they practice in. They must take many tests.
    • Pediatricians have been paid less than other doctors, but as doctors they are paid more than many other workers.
    • Pediatricians are people who care for children and families, including the problems they face in society.

    • American Academy of Pediatrics. Pediatrics 101. URL:
    • Virtual Hospital. The Road to Becoming a Physician. 1999, June. (cited 2003, January 15). URL:

    Please send us comments by filling out our Comment Form.

    All contents copyright 1992-2017 Donna M. D’Alessandro, M.D. and Michael P. D’Alessandro, M.D. and the authors. All rights reserved.

    “Virtual Pediatric Hospital”, the Virtual Pediatric Hospital logo, and “A digital library of pediatric information” are all Trademarks of Donna M. D’Alessandro, M.D. and Michael P. D’Alessandro, M.D.

    Virtual Pediatric Hospital is funded in whole by Donna M. D’Alessandro, M.D. and Michael P. D’Alessandro, M.D. Advertising is not accepted.

    Your personal information remains confidential and is not sold, leased, or given to any third party be they reliable or not.

    The information contained in Virtual Pediatric Hospital is not a substitute for the medical care and advice of your physician. There may be variations in treatment that your physician may recommend based on individual facts and circumstances.

    Online Dating for Teens? Why Parents Need to Talk About Online Relationships #nyc #dating

    #teen online dating


    Online Dating for Teens? Why Parents Need to Talk About Online Relationships

    Online dating is a bad idea for teens — especially young teens.

    That’s why it wasn’t particularly responsible of Seventeen magazine to publish a blog in which “dating blogger” Isabelle Furth floated the idea of using sites like to find dates. To be fair, she had concerns about the idea, and she’s in college, so theoretically old enough to make these decisions. But college kids don’t read Seventeen. Middle school students do. And middle school students are remarkably impressionable.

    However, if our only response to this blog is outrage (like the comment that Seventeen gave cyber-stalkers a gift-wrapped present), we miss the point — and some important opportunities.

    The reality of the world our children are growing up in is that they are going to meet people online. Don’t get me wrong; teens don’t belong on online dating sites. As they enter the world of dating, it should be with people they know in a real world context, not a cyber-world context. They — and their parents — should know more about their dates than what you can find out from the Internet.

    But online dating sites aren’t the only place that that people — and youth — meet online. They meet on all sorts of social media sites and platforms. As all of us, our children included, start communicating more and more on social media, we run into strangers. Most of those strangers aren’t dangerous. Some of those strangers become friends.

    I’ve met some wonderful people on social media, people who have taught me and supported me and made me laugh, people who have helped me be a better doctor, parent and person. Granted, I’m a grownup and have a bit more judgment than a teen when it comes to trusting people online. But our children will be grownups one day, and if they don’t have the skills they need to navigate the world of online relationships, they will run into trouble. Manti Te’o’s 2-year love affair with a nonexistent person is a great example.

    But even before they are grownups, social media offers youth the opportunity to connect with, and learn from, people all over the world. These connections can make the world smaller, help to build bridges and tolerance and prepare our youth for the connected life of the future. Also, for youth who suffer from chronic disease, disabilities or who feel marginalized for other reasons, the Internet offers so many opportunities to learn and find support from people facing the same challenges. For so many people, youth included, the Internet can be a real lifeline.

    So. rather than just saying, “Don’t do that!” I think parents need to do some real talking — and teaching.

    Safety has to be first and foremost. Youth are naturally trusting, especially when someone is nice to them — and we all know how nice predators can act online. Parents need to help their teens understand that all is not necessarily as it seems; they need to be extremely careful with what they share online. They shouldn’t tell strangers where they live or go to school, for example. Telling secrets or saying bad things about people can work out badly too, if it turns out the new online friend can’t be trusted. And they must never, ever go to an in-person meeting with someone they met online unless an adult is present.

    But really, very little about navigating online relationships is black and white. Each person and circumstance is a bit different. There are ways to gather data about strangers that can help you figure out if they can be trusted — but none of those ways are fool-proof. There are also ways to have relationships online without putting yourself at risk — but those ways will vary depending on the situation. That’s why parents need to have ongoing conversations with their teens about what they are doing and who they are meeting online.

    There’s no way a teen is going to have those conversations if all they hear is doom and gloom. They will figure you don’t understand. They will make friends online, and they won’t tell you about it.

    So, talk to your teens about the Seventeen blog, especially if they read it. See what they think, and talk with them about why online dating is a bad idea for them. But instead of having that be the end of the conversation, make it the beginning.


    Why phone dating with MegaMates is your best option #online #dating #advice

    #phone dating


    Why Choose Phone Dating?

    There are so many ways to meet people nowadays that the selection can almost be daunting. However, there is only one way to guarantee that you will actually be able to determine your connection with the person and that’s through phone dating. How many times can you send 5 word text message replies before you really know if you click? On our system you get a feel for who you are talking to as soon as they say hello.

    The Benefits of Phone Dating

    It’s discreet and anonymous!

    When you sign up for other services you’ll be asked for your name, photos of yourself, and your exact location. With MegaMates you can see who’s out there without revealing every aspect of your identity. This way you can express yourself without holding back and worrying about who might know you.

    It’s faster!

    You won’t waste your time sending text messages back and forth. All you have to do is record an ad saying what it is you hope to find and the people who want the same things will be filling your inbox.

    Make a real connection!

    We’ve all tried the dating apps and it’s almost impossible to really connect with someone in 120 characters. On MegaMates you’re chatting with the person just like you would on the first date, it’s that simple!

    Be yourself!

    It’s really hard to fill out long profiles and questionnaires, especially when people won’t make it past your profile picture. We offer a way for you to tell people all it is you have to offer in a simple short ad so people can give you the appreciation you deserve!

    Free features!

    There’s so much you can do on MegaMates without spending a single penny. So it’s perfect if you want to try things out and find a date or two before you decide you want the premium experience.

    Try it yourself!

    Don’t believe us? We are so confident that you will prefer phone dating that we’ve made more than half our features free for you to try! Other companies will give you 30 minutes, maybe an hour, to test drive their product but with MegaMates, you decide when you’re ready for the full experience.

    As you can see, there are so many reasons why you should try phone dating and there’s no better system to do it with than MegaMates. Not only do we have more free features than any of our competitors but we also have loads of amazing callers. Whether you’re looking for a great conversation or something sexier, we’ve got someone for you!

    2016 Social Tech Unlimited. All Rights Reserved.

    *All models and members of this site are 18 years or older.

    Online dating profile tips for men: why you should avoid selfies and remember to mention your exes #christian #singles

    #dating tips for men


    Online dating profile tips for men: why you should avoid selfies and remember to mention your exes

    Writing about a divorce or previous relationship in an online dating profile boosts men s chances of being contacted by more than 50 per cent, according to a survey of 4,000 site users.

    But women who do the same, or open up about being a single mother, are four per cent less likely to receive messages from members of the opposite sex, the study found.

    The report, commissioned by dating website Zoosk, also found that men were more likely to have success with online dating if their profile featured a picture taken outside (with 19 per cent more messages), while women who posted outdoors pictures got 40 per cent fewer messages on average.

    Selfies were found to be turn-off when featured on men s profiles but increased interest when they were shown on women s.

    Susan Quilliam, a relationships coach who runs courses in online dating, said women might be more likely to contact a man who mentions a divorce because this offers reassurance that he is now single.

    Related Articles

    In my courses I get a lot of enquiries about how to know whether people are single from their online profile, and most of those enquiries come from women. If men talk about exes, women get the impression he s being honest and open about his relationship status now.

    On the other hand, men might be more wary of women who look like they ve got a lot of relationship history. They want to be the most important man in a women s life. I wouldn t say that s sexist necessarily, it s just down to gender differences.

    She added that selfies were a no-no for men because they so often looked uncomfortable when taking them.

    The most important thing in your profile picture is to look welcoming I haven t found it matters so much whether it s inside or outside and that s hard to do when you re taking a picture of yourself.

    People are so used to seeing professional, airbrushed photos in the media so a selfie will almost always look really amateurish and like you don t care.

    The Zoosk survey also found that men who used the words baby and beautiful in their first message to women were 10 and 13 per cent respectively less likely to get a response.

    Full words were shown to be important to both sexes, with people using ur , b4 and cuz less likely to be contacted. Writing rofl on a profile reduced the likelihood of receiving messages by 13 per cent.

    Why I – m dumping OkCupid – s blind dating app #russian #ladies

    #blind dating


    Why I m dumping OkCupid s blind dating app

    OkCupid CEO Sam Yagan wants to bring back a vestige of the past: the blind date.

    So we decided to give OkCupid s new app, Crazy Blind Date. a whirl.

    VentureBeat teamed up with ABC7 News reporter Jonathan Bloom for this project: I would go on an actual blind date, and the San Francisco network affiliate of ABC would interview my date on the spot.

    See below for the video.

    Setting up the app and the service is easy: Just download the free app on your iPhone or Android and connect to OkCupid if you re already a member (or create a new account if you re not). You ll only need to reveal a few basic details: first name, age, whether you re into men or women, and a profile pic, which the app will subsequently scramble (see left).

    A word of warning: San Francisco is one of those cities where everyone knows everyone in their sector, particularly in the tech community, and the image scrambling is pretty easy to see through, so I was able to discern a few familiar faces when browsing the app.

    Next, the app prompts you to create a date ( 8 p.m. at Peet s Coffee ). And then watch the offers fly in. Alternatively, you can browse a dozen or so existing dates and pick the one that s most convenient. You ll need to wait for confirmation from your potential date. Typically, this takes a few hours if they respond at all.

    My first impression? I was a bit underwhelmed by the sheer number of dudes whose ideal first date involves Dunkin Donuts or Peet s Coffee. Step it up, people! Please!

    After a few tries (my first blind date candidate never got back to me, and the second couldn t meet up before 8 p.m.), I locked down a date with Bobby, a twenty-something with brown hair. His choice for the blind date impressed me: a taqueria in San Francisco s Mission District known for its margaritas.

    You can t contact your prospective date until an hour beforehand, when the app lets you message back and forth. I received a note from Bobby confirming that he was actually planning to show up and informing me he d be wearing a blue sweater.

    Feeling duplicitous ABC7 News was already on its way to televise the date I ventured over to the restaurant. On route, I even considered writing down conversation topics on the back of my hand in case we had nothing in common. Bobby and I had arranged to meet at the bar. He gave me a quick hug, and I promptly informed him about the news crew waiting outside.

    Bobby aka Robert Leshner, the cofounder of Internet privacy company Safe Shepherd took it like a pro. He s startup guy, and is wise to the ways of the tech press. As it turned out, he had a bit of a heads-up about who I was. A few hours prior to our date , a mutual friend recognized me from my scrambled photo. Bobby had a feeling I d be writing a story.

    Three margaritas later, I was thoroughly enjoying myself, and I learned all about Bobby s startup. Still, I m unlikely to use the app again.

    OkCupid may address some of my initial concerns over time. A few bugs prevented me from booking a last minute date the app would tell me that I m already busy on a particular night. I had to delete and reinstall it several times. And then there s the chance someone might recognize you despite your scrambled photo. This is especially true for one of San Francisco s thriving business sectors the app s early adopters are primarily tech folks. Not ideal if you re in the startup world and want to expand your horizons.

    Above: I met my blind date at a taqueria in the Mission.

    Yagan is convinced the app will take off in time. To celebrate the launch, OkCupid went dark for a day, turning all of its profile photos black, so users would have to make their dating decisions based on words and wits rather than abs and, well, other body parts,” the company said in a statement. In an interview with ABC7 (see below), Yagan claimed the app has already been used hundreds of times.

    It s a nice idea in theory, but when OkCupid introduced a similar blind dating service in 2007, it was a complete bomb. People weren t all that comfortable meeting a complete stranger from the Internet with only a name, age, and scrambled photograph to go on.

    I m not surprised it failed. There is something both terrifying and awkward about going on a date with a mysterious stranger. Blind dates only seem to work out when it s a set-up and you have a friend or two in common. Thankfully, Bobby and I had some common ground and could talk about tech, so we ll end up as friends.

    Check out my crazy blind date on ABC7. Online dating fans: Would you give Crazy Blind Date a shot?