Apr 13 2019

Top 10 Best selling Laptop Brands in The World in 2017

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Top 10 Best selling Laptop Brands in The World in 2017, NEF2.COM

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Top 10 Best selling Laptop Brands in The World

Top 10 best selling laptop brands in the world in 2017, most popular laptops based on performance, specifications and features.

Laptop brands: choose the best one from the market: Nowadays laptops are very essential in one’s life. They are needed in every second. Due to laptops you can also do the office works from anywhere you want to. If you have a laptop then you have to carry the internet connection with you. You can use the Wi-Fi connection and can do all the important works. To choose the best laptop from the market is really a tough decision. You want your laptop to be the best. Thus to choose the best laptop from the market is quite a hard decision to take.

Presenting the list of bestselling laptops brands in the market in year 2017

Below here is the list of best laptops brands in the market. Thus before buying the laptop you should be very cautious about it and should see that weather you are getting all the advanced features in it or not.

10. MSI-

This brands laptop consists of high quality mother board. The laptop is dedicated to the graphic card. If you have a high quality of graphic card in your machine then you can play games in that machine. If you are thinking of buying personal computer then it is better to buy this brand laptop as it will serve you with the best features of the laptop.

Joseph Olarewaju says:

Hay folks,I live in Nigeria and I own a Lenovo Laptop which I think is not good enough for me and I seek to acquire a Dell or Apple Laptop.
Reason: Dell Laptop is more durable and has highest physical ruggedness.My Lenovo on the other hand is only having two USB ports closed to each other and this now call for the use of USB hub because I can t use a Modem with Mouse no space permit.Unlike Dell that has three US ports by one side and anothe one at the other side,therefore no need to buy USB hub.
Therefore,Folks anyone who want to sell or dispose his or her Dell or Apple Laptop should please contact me through my contacts bellow.Whether you re from the UK,the US,Germany,France,etc.
Name:Joseph Olarewaju
PHONE NUMBER:+2347057709337
E-MAIL:[email protected]

Dell is the best for those who love performance. I hate apple laptops. They are so difficult to handle and not user friendly. Dell offers great performance even with heaviest of the tasks and games. Sound, picture and all are too good.

Best means most capable, regardless of price. So, Apple it is- due to its leadership in technology. When considering value it is the T.O.C. [Total Cost of Ownership ] that is most meaningful. Again, Apple wins, hands down- when time to upgrade, the price of your old Apple will be several times more than ANY PC.
That has been my experience over ten years of Apple ownership- laptop or desktop.

oh common u.s is more dangerous than china nsa snowden leaked etc like apple lenovo is branded company of china and yu sick moron people dont think twice before commenting and showing yur stupidity 70% of branded unbranded material was manufactured in china eg
yur bateries and even ur phones like nokia india division mobile phones are manufactured in china and list goes on i m using lenovo and it is going excellent g ratings are also good 4 out of 5 and remember u.s is run by sick rochchild bankers money makers some stupid illuminate nsa cyber command are doing more illegal work than china russia india etc

Dell is the best. For a student or a business man or a professional they are the best suited. They are highly reliable and give very good performance than other brands.

I agree with that

I would like to buy a Apple lapi .

This list is very useful. I was planning to buy a laptop and this gave me an idea about the brand.

I don t think apple laptops are the best selling because they are not affordable by middle class people. So, maybe dell, HP are the best brands in laptop.

Jason Williams says:

Amazing article, very important informations to take in consideration when buying a new lap top. Thanks

Lenovo s gaming laptops are the best after they ve bought the Alien ware. The games look stunning with details and run smoothly. I love Lenovo for gaming.

DELL is the worst for product and service. I have had 3 hard drive failures in less than a year on a brand new laptop x2. Never make the mistake to recommend or buy this product .its crap!

MacBooks don t offer ease of use as windows based laptops. In Indian subcontinent, we find more sales of Dell, HP, Sony laptops rather than MacBooks. The author should mention on what basis or survey is the result written.

It would be better for a buyer if you mention the features offered and the best laptops by these brands. The technical language lacks here and can improve on it.

Alex Rogers says:

The list should have had enough stats and info inorder to say that they are best selling. Because I don t think apple MacBooks have seen greater sales as far as Asian countries are concerned. Lenovo, Sony Vaio, Dell, HP are the famous brands in Asia.

But how? It is the very expensive but Windows produces ease of use interfaces. So I find more of Windows rather than MaCOS.

Lenovo being a big manufacturer in Mainland China, they have huge production and sales all over the world. We often see that they are good for seamless gaming with brilliant sound and graphics output. They aren t too costly too.

How good is Asus?Is it better than Lenovo?
Lenovo is chinese and people are not so impressed with chinese products
.how good is Lenovo y5070? as compared to Asus Gl55vw?
Which one should I go for?

go for lenovo i think yu are indian and they had this misconseption learn difference between branded and local items in india we have two type of items one which is branded items manufactured by big companies say tata and second is unbranded with no warranty which is called local mall etc same goes with china they too have both local and branded i hope yu got my point jay hind

Lenovo is very cheap and the quality is very good.
Especially high end gaming laptops run games with ease. The graphics are very realistic in advanced games like far cry and these laptops work very well.

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