May 17 2019

#University in jonesboro arkansas * #Video

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University in jonesboro arkansas

University in jonesboro arkansas

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Today Mayor Perrin kicked off Arkansas Children’s Week by reading a story to a Pre-K class at AState Child Development & Research Center. The theme this year is “Hands in Learning: Sand, Water, Mud, and More!”

On Thursday, Mayor Harold Perrin made a proclamation declaring April as National Donate Life Month to honor the generosity of registered donors, donor families and living donors, and recognize the commitment of researchers, innovators, champions, national partners and medical professionals who work tirelessly to save and heal lives through transplantation. Currently there are 115,000 Americans (and 275 Arkansans) on the national transplant waiting list with it growing all the time. By becoming an organ donor, one person can save and heal more than 75 people. To register as a donor, visit (, or at your local DMV.

It was a great time today at the Special Olympics held at The Academies at JHS! Jonesboro Police and Fire provided help with games and awards.

Cache Carle, eighth grader at Greene County Tech, job shadowed Clay Young and stopped by to meet the mayor to learn about public service.

University of Arkansas Criminal Justice Institute Director Dr. Cheryl May addressed the Craighead Opioid Awareness Kickoff hosted by Out of the Dark on Thursday. Out of the Dark is a Jonesboro nonprofit fighting the most deadly threat to Arkansans today — drug overdose. May said drug overdose kills 189 people EVERY DAY, more than cancer and gun violence combined. Out of the Dark helps those with addiction problems but serves loved ones and children of the neglect that results from drug abuse. It is active in education about drug use in our schools. May said Arkansas ranks No. 1 in the U.S. in unprescribed opioid use among 12- to 18-year-olds. It’s an epidemic that demands more of us joining the fight. Out of the Dark is a great asset to our community in this fight.

Be aware of slow-moving farm machinery. Do not drive in equipment blind spots where operators cannot see you. Keep back a safe distance — at least 50 feet, when following.

FSCIA will be coordinating with the City of Jonesboro to organize a clean-up for the portion of North Jonesboro between Belt Street and Front Street and from 4th Street to Patrick Street. ??

Cain Street off East Highland Drive will be closed all week due to construction from Highland to Stevens Street.

Below is a map of all the opportunity zones in Jonesboro and you can find out more info about them at

The weather is warming up in Arkansas and so is the motorcycle riding season. “We’re reminding car and truck drivers to be alert for motorcycles especially at intersections, when making turns and lane changes,” said E911 Director Jeff Presley of Jonesboro E911 Center “At the same time, we’re urging motorcyclists to always wear protective equipment, get properly licensed” “Help to share in the responsibility and do your part by safely ‘Sharing the Road’ with motorcycles.”

JET Drivers needed!! Position Requirements: — High School Diploma or equivalent. — CDL with passenger endorsements. Prior experience is preferred. ( Will Train ) — Successful background check and drug screen. Part- Time Shift- Days Salary- $12.00 per hour Hours- Part-time driver positions schedules may vary depending on the needs of the department. This part-time position operates a JETS bus safely and defensively to pick-up and discharge passengers on pre-established routes in the City of Jonesboro. Drivers maintain a timely schedule while ensuring the safety of its passengers. Call: (870) 935-5387

Mulch for non-decorative purposes is available from the City of Jonesboro Sanitation Department. Call 870-932-7520 for more information

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