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Virginia Department of Accounts

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Forms, Instructions and Information

State Agencies

  • Financial Certification Website – Memorandum dated April 4, 2012 [PDF]
  • Financial Certification Administrative Manual – State Agency [PDF]
  • Financial Certification Security Maintenance Form – State Agency [PDF]

Local Treasurers

  • Financial Certification Website – Memorandum dated April 4, 2012 [PDF]
  • Financial Certification Administrative Manual – Treasurers [PDF] [Word]
  • Financial Certification Security Maintenance Form – Treasurers [PDF]

Clerks of the Circuit Court

  • Financial Certification Website – Memorandum dated April 4, 2012 [PDF]
  • Financial Certification Administrative Manual – Clerks [PDF] [Word]
  • Financial Certification Security Maintenance Form – Clerks [PDF]

Contact Information

  • FAACS Authorized Signatures (FAACS-S3) [PDF] [Word]
  • CIP Documentation Worksheet [Excel]
  • Financial and Voucher Information Form (Basis Input) (FAACS12) [PDF]
  • Location and Responsibility Form (Basis Input) (FAACS11) [PDF]
  • FAACS Logon Request Form (FAACS-S1) [PDF] [Word]
  • Online Form to Reset Password (FAACS-S2) [PDF] [Word]
  • Optional Form (FAACS13) [PDF]

Contact Information

  • Lease Accounting System (LAS) Security Access Form (LAS-S1) [PDF] [Word]
  • Lease Classification Test Information (LAS-2) [PDF] [Word]
  • Lease Deletion/Termination/Extension Request (LAS-4) [PDF] [Word]
  • Lease Payment Stream Information (LAS-3) [PDF] [Word]
  • Lease Report Request (LAS-5) [PDF] [Word]
  • Lease Transactions Package – General Lease Information (LAS-1) [PDF] [Word]

Moving and Relocation

Calculation Spreadsheets

  • Adjusted Employment Date Calculator [Excel]
  • Administrative Wage Garnishment Spreadsheet [Excel]
  • Healthcare ATA Checker [Excel]

(save spreadsheet to your local drive to allow macros to run)

  • Leave Payment Spreadsheet [Excel]
  • Net Sick Leave Payout Calculations for Estimate of Purchase of Service Months [Excel]
    • Non-VSDP Worker’s Comp Calculations [Excel]
    • Partial Pay Calculations [Excel] Updated 08/05/2016
    • Post Retirement Life Insurance Calculation Worksheet for ORP Retirees [Excel]
    • Retirement Overrides [Excel] Updated 01/03/2017
    • Semi-Monthly Overtime Calculations [Excel]
    • VRS Automated Recon Spreadsheet [Excel]
    • VSDP Calculations [Excel] Updated 08/05/2016
    • VSDP Intermittent W/C Spreadsheet [Excel]
    • Wage Chart (VWC 7A) [Excel]

    CIPPS Security Forms

    • CIPPS Security Authorization / Deletion Request Form [PDF] [Word]
    • Fiscal Officer Proxy for Payroll Certifications Form [PDF] [Word]

    Direct Deposit Forms

    • Direct Deposit Authorization for Employees [PDF] [Word]
    • Direct Deposit Stop Payment Form (PR-1) [PDF] [Word]
    • Existing Paycard Notification Letter Example [Word]
    • New Paycard Notification Letter Example [Word]
    • Virginia Way2Go Card Debit Mastercard Authorization Form [PDF]

    Electronic Filing Forms

    • Form 8655 – Reporting Agent Authorization for Magnetic Tape / Electronic Filers:

      • Form only [PDF]
      • Instuctions only [PDF]
      • Form with Instructions [PDF]


    Leave Forms

    • Leave Balance Spreadsheet [PDF] [Excel]
    • L-1 – Leave Activity Reporting Form [PDF] [Word]
    • L-2 – Leave Maintenance Form [PDF]
    • L-3 – Leave Activity/Maintenance Batch Totals Form [PDF]
    • L-4 – Leave Status Inquiry/Update Form [PDF] [Word]
    • L-5 – General CIPPS Leave Information Form [PDF] [Word]

    Magnetic Media

    • Magnetic Media Requirements – 700 – Pay Transactions (Standard Time Reporting) [PDF]
    • Magnetic Media Requirements – 8XX – Tax and Deduction Overrides [PDF]
    • Magnetic Media Requirements – 9XX – Pay Transactions (Special Payments) [PDF]
    • Magnetic Media Requirements – IBC – Batch Balance [PDF]
    • Security Batch Transaction Request [PDF] [Word]

    Miscellaneous Forms

    • Cardinal Automated Reconcilation Default Coding [PDF] [Word]
    • COV Mobile Device Allowance Agreement Form [PDF]
    • GLI Default Coding [PDF] [Word]
    • Report Writer Matrix [PDF]
    • Request to Add Garnishment Vendor/Payee [Excel]
    • Out of State Taxing Matrix [PDF]
    • VRS Modernization Working Examples [PDF]
    • VEC Web Upload Excel Template [Excel]

    Optional Group Life Forms

    Miscellaneous Insurances and Annuities

    • 2017 TPA Cut-off Dates [PDF]
    • Miscellaneous Insurances and Annuities FOCUS Meeting – (03/2013) [PDF] [PowerPoint]
    • Cash Match Agreement Form – (03/2017) [PDF]
    • Miscellaneous Insurances Information – (03/2017) [PDF]
    • Post-Tax Salary Deduction Authorization – (03/2017) [PDF]
    • Pre-Tax Salary Reduction Agreement Form – (03/2017) [PDF]
    • Miscellaneous Insurances/Annuities Admin Manual – (03/2017) [PDF]
    • Tax Sheltered Annuities – (03/2017) [PDF]
    • TPA Employment Status Change Form – (03/2017) [PDF]
    • TPA Exception/Discrepancy Response Form – (03/2017) [PDF]

    Payroll Processing Forms

    • Agency Authorization for Certification of Payrolls [PDF] [Excel]
    • CIPPS Payroll Processing Forms – Workbook with Multiple Forms [Excel]
    • CIPPS Company Add/Maintenance (PR-12) [PDF] [Word]
    • H0901 – Third Party Deduction Name and Address (PR-11) [PDF]
    • HTM00 – Manual Pay/Earnings Update (PR-10.1) [PDF]
    • HTMCK – Manual Pays 5 – Screenprint [PDF]
    • HTMPA – Manual Pays 2 (PR-10.2) [PDF]
    • HTMSP – Manual Pays 3 (PR-10.3) [PDF]
    • HTMTD – Manual Pays 4 (PR-10.4) [PDF]
    • HTODA – Deduction Refund/Adjustment (PR-7) [PDF]
    • HTPSA – Employee Special Pay Adjustment (PR-6) [PDF]
    • HTQTA – Tax Refund/Adjustment (PR-8) [PDF]
    • HUA03 – Time and Attendance (PR-3) [PDF]
    • HUC01 – Special Payment as Regular Pay (PR-4) [PDF]
    • HUD01 – Deduction Override (PR-9) [PDF]
    • HUE01 – Special Payments (PR-5) [PDF]
    • U118 – Gross Pay Difference Explanation [PDF] [Excel]

    Quarterly Reconciliation Forms

    • Quarterly Reconciliation – Employee File Adjustment Form [PDF]
    • Quarterly Reconciliation and Certification Form [PDF]

    Statewide Deductions

    • Maximum Deferral Calculation Spreadsheets for Special Pays [Excel] – Revised January 19, 2017.
      – Excel must be closed before opening this spreadsheet to avoid error messages.
    • Statewide Deduction Codes – Matrix of Deduction Codes [PDF] [Excel]

    Statewide Special Pay Forms

    • CIPPS Standard Special Pay Codes [PDF]
    • Statewide Special Pay Codes – Examples of Combinations of Indicators [PDF]

    Void Forms

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