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Where’s My Nebraska State Refund? Where’s My Refund Nebraska

by admin · November 7, 2014

Nebraska Income Taxes and NE State Tax Forms. Where’s My Refund Nebraska

state taxes
efile Nebraska taxes
“The Cornhusker State”
Start Federal and Nebraska State Tax Returns

Start Nebraska State Tax Return Only

Where is my Nebraska State Tax Refund? Click here.

Where is my Federal Tax Refund? 2015 Refund Schedule

How to file a Nebraska Tax Extension arrow How to file a Nebraska Tax Amendment

Prepare and efile Your Nebraska Tax Return

The regular deadline to file a Nebraska state income tax return is April 15.

Tax Deadline Date Type of Income Tax Return Filing Deadline / Due Date Description
April 15, 2015 2014 Nebraska State Tax Return Due date for Nebraska State Income Tax Returns – income tax filing deadline
April 15, 2015 2014 Nebraska State Tax Extension Due date for Nebraska extensions
October 15, 2015 2014 Nebraska State Tax Return Last day to efile a 2014 Nebraska State Income Tax Return for tax extension filers and late efilers
View all state tax return filing deadlines.

Find federal income tax return filing deadlines.

Nebraska State Tax Forms that Can Be efiled.

Form/Schedule Description Can I efile this form?
Form 1040N Nebraska Individual Income Tax Return (1040/1040S-Filing Status/Data Input/EF Info)

Form 1040XN Amended Return – Pg 2
Schedule I Adjustments to Income
Schedule II Credit for Tax Paid to Another State
Schedule III Computation of Nebraska Tax
Nebraska State Tax Forms that Cannot Be efiled

Form Description
None Nebraska does not have a separate state tax withholding form. The withholding allowances are the same number as those on a W-4 federal form.
NE Tax Extension

Extension Form Nebraska Extension Instructions How to File
Form 4868N

A Nebraska taxpayer who needs more time to file a NE income tax return and/or needs to make a tax payment must file a Form 4868N, Nebraska Application for Automatic Extension of Time, to gain an automatic 6-month extension. If the NE return was efiled through a paid tax preparer, then the requirement to file this form is waived. Married couples who are filing separately and both want an extension of time to file NE returns must complete separate NE tax extensions. The Nebraska Department of Revenue will not grant blanket extensions.

You do not need to file Form 4868N if you have already been granted a federal extension of time to file. The filing date for Form 1040N will automatically be extended for the same period as the federal extension. If you are not efiling your NE return through a paid tax preparer and choose to file the return, you must:

Send a copy of the Application for Automatic Extension of Time to File, Federal Form 4868; OR
Attach an explanation that you received an automatic federal extension electronically. In addition, include your federal confirmation number.
You also do not need to file Form 4868N if you are expecting a NE state tax refund.

An extension of time to file your NE state return does not extend the time to pay any taxes owed. Therefore, interest is due from the original tax return deadline to the date the tax is paid. A tentative tax payment will stop interest from accruing on the paid amount. This amount should be claimed as a credit on line 29, estimated payments of Form 1040N, when you file the return.

You will be notified if the requested NE extension is denied. All approved extension requests will be granted the automatic six-month filing extension beyond the original tax return deadline. Notification will only be sent when the Department of Revenue does not approve the the extension application.

Work with a TaxPro

Important Reminder! If you are efiling a Nebraska tax extension, you may need to efile a federal tax extension as well.
NE Tax Amendment

Amended Nebraska tax returns can only be filed by mail; they cannot be efiled. Learn how to prepare and file a Nebraska state tax amendment.

Important Reminder! If you are filing a Nebraska tax amendment, you may need to file a federal tax amendment as well.

Past Year Forms: Tax Year 2013 Nebraska Tax Forms (Print, Fill Out, and Mail)
Form 26 Nebraska Exemption Certificate for Native American Indians
Work with a TaxPro

Form 1040N Nebraska Individual Income Tax Return
Form 1310N Statement of Person Claiming Refund Due a Deceased Person
Form 2210N Individual Underpayment of Estimated Tax
Schedule I Nebraska Adjustments to Income for Nebraska Residents, Nonresidents, & Partial-Year Residents
Schedule II Credit for Tax Paid to Another State for Full-Year Residents Only
Schedule III Computation of Nebraska Tax for Nonresidents and Partial-Year Residents Only
Where’s My Refund? – Check Your Nebraska State Tax Refund Status

If you efiled your NE state tax return, wait 2 to 5 days after the Department of Revenue receives your return before checking your refund status. If you filed your return on paper, it can take between 15 days and 3 weeks before information about your return is available.

File electronically or early in the tax season to get your Nebraska state tax refund faster.

Check your Nebraska tax state refund status online.

NE efile Error Codes

View a list of all Nebraska State efile Income Tax Return Error Reject Codes.

Nebraska Tax Facts

Individual income is taxed across four tax brackets.

The tax brackets for single taxpayers are:

2.56% for the first $2,400 of taxable income
3.57% for incomes between $2,401 and $17,500
5.12% for incomes between $17,501 and $27,000
6.84% for taxable incomes of $27,001 and above
The tax brackets for married taxpayers filing jointly are:

2.56% for the first $4,800 of taxable income
3.57% for incomes between $4,801 and $35,000
5.12% for incomes between $35,001 and $54,000
6.84% for taxable incomes of $54,001 and above
If adjusted gross income is $173,650 or more ($86,825 if married, filing separately), NE taxpayers should use the state’s Additional Tax Rate Schedule to calculate added tax liability.

The state has a 5.5% sales tax rate. Some cities collect a use and city sales tax, with a maximum amount of 1.5%. Dakota County is the only NE county with a sales tax. Its tax rate is 0.5%, making its total county and state sales tax rate 6%.

More information on Nebraska Sales Tax

NE Personal Property Tax:

All real property located within the state is taxable unless specifically exempted by statute. Personal property is taxed and valued based on the depreciated cost within reasonable class lives. This is determined by the legislature.

The state offers a homestead exemption for personal property owners. They must submit an Application or Certification of Status, Form 458, to their county tax assessor in order to receive the tax exemption.

Energy drinks sold in grocery stores are usually subjected to sales tax, but it depends on their labels. If the drink has a “Supplement Facts” label, it is subject to tax as a dietary supplement. Drinks with the “Nutrition Facts” facts label are exempt from the sales tax and are considered food products.

All energy drinks sold through a vending machine are subject to tax, regardless of the label on the product.

NE State Tax Agency:

For more information, you can visit the website of The Nebraska Department of Revenue. Where’s My Refund Nebraska

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Where’s My Nebraska State Refund? Where’s My Refund Nebraska

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